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A sample of what people are saying about San Luis Obispo Family Acupuncture and Carla Nerelli, L.Ac

Carla was wonderful. She spent more time with me, listening to my concerns, medical history, etc than my doctor ever has. She also provided more information about fertility and tracking ovulation than my doctor has. I felt very comfortable with her and taken care of. The acupuncture itself was very relaxing and did not hurt.


Carla is an amazing practitioner. She has a nurturing personality and knows so much about herbs,vitamins, and foods that can restore health naturally. I really like the fact that she provides a customized treatment for each patient and takes the time to listen and provide advice. Her office offers a quiet and soothing atmosphere.


Before I started working with Carla, I had seen several doctors for health problems that I couldn’t resolve. I love my primary care physician, but in Western medicine, my symptoms just didn’t make sense. I decided to try acupuncture, and I am so glad I did. Carla is a wonderful listener and she’s extremely patient; she listened to my concerns and didn’t make me feel like I was beyond help. She took into account my general health at my current age, prior health concerns, family life, and work environment, and was able to help identify unhealthy patterns that prevented me from getting better. I am now on a better path to health, and I could not be more grateful for her gentle nature and wise advice.


Carla clearly explained the possible causes of my pain and made me feel comfortable as I had never experienced acupuncture before. I was suffering from severe pain in my shoulder, and although massage and chiropractic treatments were helping slightly, I was still in discomfort. After one treatment with Carla I noticed a difference and after three treatments my pain was diminished to the point I rarely noticed it. Another benefit I experienced is that she also regulated my monthly cycle which is miraculous in itself! It’s a very relaxing treatment and doesn’t hurt at all. I highly recommend Carla!


Carla Nerelli was my introduction to acupuncture, and for that I am grateful. I saw that acupunture is non-invasive and practically pain-free. I trust Carla because she asks thoughtful questions about my health and my life, and really listens to my answers and concerns. It’s obvious that Carla has done a lot of research when she sees me. She is confident in her needle placement, she often has supplements to recommend, and she kindly suggests any lifestyle changes that could help me heal.


I was turned from a skeptic into a believer in acupuncture several years ago after getting treatments for allergies. Carla is a knowledgeable and caring person who truly seeks to enable her clients to enjoy a healthier, happier, and pain free life!


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