SLO Family Acupuncture will be closed starting January 2022.
Please check back for updates!

Patient Info


SLO Family Acupuncture is currently closed.  Please check back for updates! 


Initial Acupuncture Treatment (includes in-depth health history and evaluation – 1.5 hours):  $115.00

Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment (1 hour): $85.00

Fertility Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment (includes in-depth reproductive health history, going over previous and current lab reports, discussing current and future fertility options, creating a fertility plan, and a takeaway packet for in-home fertility treatments – 1.5-2 hours): $150.00


If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please give us at least a 24 hour notice, leave a message if you do not get ahold of anyone. If you miss an appointment, forget an appointment or cancel with less than a 24 hour notice you will be charged $50.

Please be mindful of wearing any strong smelling lotions, perfumes or cologne into the clinic. Some of our patients have severe allergies to these products.

Please turn off cell phones before entering the treatment rooms. Our goal is to provide a quiet space where all our patients can relax.